Photographers For Peace

Good News!

Photographers For Peace

Is Up and Running!

We are hard at work producing three powerful exhibitions designed to bring the whole world
closer to the dream of a safer, more peaceful Planet, for everyone.


As a passionate believer in the power of photography to make our planet a safer, happier place
for everyone, I am dedicating the rest of my life to ensure Photographers For Peace achieves
the success it is destined to be.


Marshall McLuhan described our planet as a “Global Village.” Photographers For Peace has set
out to photograph this Global Village. Their pictures will be presented in the worlds first Global
Village Family Album.


Al Razutis, foremost authority in the exciting medium of 3-D Holography, has begun work on a
stunning,  technological tour- de-force   that  will celebrate the  people  who inspire us all:
History’s Heroes!


Renowned Canadian architect  Eb  Zeidler is designing the most dazzlingly beautiful “Photography
Pavilion”  in the world, which will house these two magnificent exhibitions in a star-lit glass dome!

Lorraine Monk, O.C., O. Ont.
Photographers For Peace

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